Nano influencers in Dubai

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Top 10 Nano Influencers In Dubai

The trend of social media influencers has evolved enormously in the last few years. Their roles in the digital sphere have risen beyond mere audience reach and engagement metrics. Social media influencers have taken over the internet and moved beyond merely posting alluring content on their social media handles. They are making a cultural and social impact on society.

Nano influencers in Dubai are the rising social media influencers with a close-knit audience, a maximum of 10k followers, and a strong engagement rate. They create authentic content pertaining to the needs of the followers. 

Dubai is filled with food, entertainment, travel, lifestyle and fashion nano influencers who offer great exposure to the place’s offerings in their niche. Here is a blog that highlights the profiles of some of the most influential nano bloggers/vloggers creating unparalleled content in the heart of Dubai. 

Zahra Abdalla

An NMC-licensed influencer, Iranian-Sudanese author, and TV chef, Zahra, AKA “cookingwithzahra” from Dubai, is spreading her culinary expertise all over the world. Wild Spatula and Zahra's Kitchen are her unique culinary offerings. Through conventional and modern Middle Eastern food, her website takes you on an unforgettable gastronomic experience. She also binds delectable and nutritious recipes together to have a tantalising feast while keeping it healthy. Zahra encourages people to cook fearlessly and shares her experience of cooking tasty yet nutritious food that brings different cultures together. 

Naomi D'Souza

Goes by naomi_dsouza on Instagram; Naomi is an engineer and digital strategist who lives her passion through her blogs. From food and travel to lifestyle, her blog covers a wide array of categories with over 1 million views. In her blogs, she includes her insights and experience on her exciting life and shares some of her favourite food recipes from time to time. She has garnered popularity with 3 of her TEDx talks and was named one of the 100 most influential Asians in the Middle East. 


Namrata & Nancy

Food and travel bring people close, and that’s what has brought the two Dubai-based friends together. They are Namrata and Nancy, AKA shesaidshesaid_dxb. These two best buddies keep documenting their experiences online. Their journal includes delicious treats, hidden places to visit in Dubai, places to eat around the city, and a lot more. 

Max of Arabia

A third-culture infMax Of Arabia | Dubailuencer, Max, AKA maxofarabia, landed in the stunning UAE to study marketing at the American University (Sharjah) in 2007. With time, he developed a great fondness for the Middle East and adopted the Arabic language in no time. Max’s mission is to show his followers and the world the beauty of the Middle East and talk about his journey to inspire all travel enthusiasts following him. He has also made several contributions to local charitable causes and is gaining followers rapidly for all the right reasons. 

Na'el Abu Alteen 

Na'el quit engineering to tour the world. His expedition involves solo travel to make the best out of each tour. From the lush fields of Indonesia, the enchanting lands of Uzbekistan, mesmerising gems of Greece to the blue islands of Maldives and the beautiful landscapes of Turkey, he keeps visiting some of the best properties of various countries while paving his path towards unique cultures. His Instagram page (nael_abu_alteen) is so appealing that it will inspire your next travel plan ASAP! 


Bored with his 9 to 5 job life, an ordinary individual from Dubai started his journey to creating entertaining content on social media featuring himself and his unique perspective. In May 2011, DubaiNameShame started this blog to express his opinions, humour and views with the basic premise that sarcasm engages and provokes. His ideas on Twitter and his blog are unfiltered and uncensored. 

Haifa Beseisso

Haifa is a travel enthusiast whose interest lies in cross-cultural encounters and humanitarian issues. She is a television host on the Yalla Banat Show of MBC 1. Though she has more popularity on Instagram, she is active on YouTube as well. She released a hilarious video challenging the stereotypes of the Middle East on YouTube, which went viral across the globe. It was part of YouTube's #CreatorsForChange project that was successful all over the world. 

Mariam Yeya

Mariam worked as a media professional for 12 years, but later she decided to pursue her passion in fashion and established her career in the respective field. She started her work by offering her style page, which became quickly popular. To understand the technicalities of the fashion business, she enrolled in Esmod Dubai. In 2016, she launched Mrs Keepa, her atelier and pret-a-porter label.

Nadya Hassan

Nadya (thefierce_nay) is a UAE citizen who loves fashion and luxury. Her blog, The Fierce Diaries, is one of the Nano Influencers in Dubai and includes a travel part and sections on beauty, style, and jewels. Recently she worked with premium labels such as Aigner and Gucci. 

Mthayel Al Ali

Founder of Takhayyal, a website dedicated to gathering and showcasing premium content production resources, Mthayel Al Ali is a great influencer in Dubai. Takhayyal is a marketing company of social media that helps people and businesses to gain real and distinctive exposure. 

Wrapping up

Starting from fashion to food, industries are booming with Nano influencers in Dubai. Celebrities from across the globe promote the amazing offerings of this man-made city. Various Nano Influencers in Dubai are utilising their channels and media accounts to exhibit the food, fashion, culture, and places that Dubai has to offer. Follow them and discover the best of this Emirates city from various perspectives.