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With its cutting-edge infrastructure, affluent lifestyle, and bustling city life, Dubai is unquestionably the most popular tourist destination in the Middle East. What makes this "City of Thousand Dreams" or "Golden Jewel of the UAE" even more intriguing is that it has also become a global hub of influencer culture, where both established and aspiring social media personalities flock to take advantage of the city's vast opportunities. 

This blog will advise you Fashion Influencers in Dubai. So, without further ado, let's have a look at these Dubai, United Arab Emirates influencers. 

Nadya Hassan

A young Emirati girl in her twenties launched her blog over four years ago and has since built it into one of the most immaculate fashion sites. Her style is both prestigious and current!

Nadya Hassan is a fashion and luxury lover from Dubai who focuses on beauty, jewels, and travel. Her blog, The Fierce Diaries, is well-known in the UAE for emphasising her distinct style and personality. Nadya has worked with various high-end brands, including Gucci and Aigner. She has also won honours such as Best Fashion Blogger.

Taim Al Falasi

In the Emirati region, a cuisine, travel, and lifestyle influencer. The top UAE social media influencer, 29-year-old Taim Al Falasi, has always known what she wants to achieve with her life.. She simply didn't realise it would help her make millions of dirhams. Taim is a restauranteur who rose to prominence by hosting the TaimShow, an online radio show. TAN, a food and beverage digital marketing network, was founded by the vlogger and filmmaker.

Rashed Belhasa

Rashed Belhasa, commonly known as Monkey Kicks, is a popular 19-year-old YouTuber from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. An Emirati influencer and the son of a billionaire from Dubai. Follow him to get a view of his family farm, which is home to tigers and his Ferrari. Rashed has a unique and priceless shoe collection that is valued over $1 million and is a co-owner of a men's streetwear firm. He is well-known for his automotive collection as well as his YouTube videos/vlogs. His footwear collection has also become well-known. In 2017, he was named The Stardust Middle East Youngest Influencer.

He has hosted many celebrities, including Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. His family has a farmhouse full of exotic creatures such as jaguars, bears, white lions, and tigers.


From being a TV presenter to being one of Fashion Influencers in Dubai, Kuwait-born, Dubai-based beauty blogger Noha Nabil truly leads an extraordinary life! She has been named Kuwait's "Most Influential Arab Figure" in 2016, ranked 5th by Forbes' "The Top 10 Most Influential Arab Women in Social Media" in 2017, "Most Influential Figure in the Arab World at a Ramadan festival in 2018, and the "Biggest Influencer in the Arabic Middle East" by Vogue Business in 2020 as one of the Top Dubai Influencers. 


Dr. Mahra Lufti, an Emirati dermatological specialist and one of the Fashion Influencers in Dubai , exemplifies how a medical expert and social media influencer may have the best of both worlds. Dr. Lufti is a United Nations ambassador for stem cell research and the first Emirati stem cell doctor accredited by the American Board of Regenerative Medicine. With this distinction, she aims to one day create the UAE's first stem cell research hospital. Dr. Lufti spends most of her time on Instagram, where she provides glimpses of her life and shows off her classy, beautiful attire at significant events.


Syrian-Canadian social media sensation Anas Marwah is one of the Top Dubai Influencers and is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Anas gained notoriety for his YouTube channel, Anasala Family, where he mostly posts vlogs, practical jokes, and challenges with his wife and children.His grandiose gender reveal celebration, in which the gender of their second kid was projected onto the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest structure in the world, became his most popular YouTube video.



Muhammad Junaid Khan, often known as "Ganook King," is a well-known lifestyle blogger and influencer from Pakistan who is residing in Dubai and rose to fame thanks to his TikTok and Instagram accounts. Ganook frequently shares content about food, travel, and lifestyle, but he is best recognised for his intense interest in footwear. Junaid posts pictures of his sizable collection of shoes from many well-known international brands on his social media platforms. He is not only a shoe junkie, but a huge animal lover as well. 


Half Scottish, half Emirati Khalid Al Ameri is a well-known YouTuber who makes amusing films on living in the Middle East and marriage. various talent for storytelling has helped him build a massive following on various social channels, including YouTube, where he has 1.59 million subscribers, and Instagram, where he has 2.1 million global followers. The viewpoints on growing up in a multicultural setting, his son's autism, and his wife Salama Mohamed's vitiligo offered by this Top Dubai Influencer are humorous and instructive.  



Actress, TV host, media producer, and fashion influencer Zena Louay resides in Dubai. By being diligent and persistent, this Iraqi fashionista entered the fashion and beauty worlds and has since rose to prominence. She has worked with numerous international brands during her career, including Louis Vuitton, Mac Cosmetics, and Dania Shinkar, to mention a few, and has pushed companies that her audience would find most interesting. Zena frequently posts gorgeously curated articles on food, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle to her Instagram feed.

Latifa Al Shamsi 

Latifa Al Shamsi is a well-known fashion blogger, one of the most influential people in Dubai, a stylist, and an entrepreneur who is well-known for her Islamic style. Latifa maintains a fashionable appearance in every fashionable abaya she dons despite her hectic schedule as a hands-on mother, blogger, and manager of an events firm. Latifa consistently creates a sophisticated outfit that any Arab lady may be inspired by thanks to her eye for colour and her use of strong prints.


 Lebanese content creator, beauty vlogger, and one of the burgeoning Dubai influencers Maya Ahmad resides in Dubai. Maya, a self-proclaimed beauty addict, started her YouTube channel in 2013 with the main goal of sharing skincare and makeup tips and tricks. She was able to secure multiple collaborations with well-known cosmetics companies like MAC Cosmetics, Dior, Kiko, and Givenchy because to her growing YouTube subscriber base and active interaction with her Instagram fans.

Rania Fawaz

Model, fashion blogger, and social media influencer Rania Fawaz was born in Iraq and now resides in Dubai. She began modelling on Instagram by uploading stunning, tempting images of herself wearing chic 80s-inspired attire, which later became her distinctive style. She has always had a passion for fashion. Her passion for retro prints inspired her to start her own clothing company, Morpho Label. Rania, one of the most well-known influencers in Dubai, has elevated herself to the position of brand ambassador for a number of companies, including Chanel, TheOpen Product, Wear Marcia, Dior, Dior Beauty, YSL, and many others.

Sarah Abdallah

Sarah Abdalla is another prominent Dubai Influencer worth following. Despite wearing several hats as a mother, filmmaker, businesswoman, humanitarian, and Women's Empowerment spokeswoman, this Tunisian trailblazer manages to fulfil her passion for fashion and is well-known in that field. Sarah was named one of the UAE's Top 100 Most Talked About Influential People in 2017 for changing the UAE's cultural environment. She received the Cosmopolitan Influencer Award in the Lifestyle Category in 2018. Sarah has been designated as the ambassador of the Rashid Centre for People of Determination and the National Autism Community in Lebanon as a result of her work and several advocacy initiatives including Arab women and children.

Lailli Mirza

Lailli Mirza, one of the Fashion Influencers in Dubai, is a well-known Persian model, YouTuber, and businesswoman who lives there. She created the lifestyle and fashion site and started a YouTube channel to investigate and grow her keen interest in the high-end fashion sector. She has been able to collaborate with well-known clients including Chanel, Gucci, Topshop, Unilever, P&G, Miss Selfridge, and Bobbi Brown thanks to her platform's acclaim from the top brands over time. Lailli also received a number of honours and accolades, including those from Gulf Business, Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Grazia Middle East, and Ahlan.

Deepti Chandak

Deepti Chandak is an award-winning blogger, one of Fashion Influencers in Dubai, and an entrepreneur who is passionate about experiencing exotic locations, diverse cultures, and fashion. In 2013, she started her Instagram page "JiveWithDeepti" to highlight her exotic adventures across the world. Her simple yet clear style drew the attention of numerous brands, resulting in successful collaborations with Samsung, Amazon, Dubai Mall, Emaar, Dubai Tourism (DTCM), Dubai Food Festival, Address Hotels, Spain Tourism, Mauritius Tourism, Zurich Tourism,, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, and many others. Deepti is also a yoga practitioner and coffee enthusiast.

Mona Saqr

Belonging to the United Arab Emirates, the fashion influencer Dr Mona Sami Saqr is a trendsetting diva. She is Dubai World Icon’s Hope and Giveness ambassador with a reach of 1 million on Instagram. With the fashion industry, she also actively works for mankind and for that reason, she has been recognised by eminent names of the Emirate, like His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan and others. 

Samira Said

With her lineage from Rabat, Morocco, Samira Said is a popular pop artist with a passion for music since the age of 9. With her singing career, she is also known for her bold and unique fashion choices. This versatile influencer has modelled for various famous fashion labels and keeps wooing her 3 million followers with amazingly style attires on and off stage. She is a bowl of talent; even at the age of 65 years, she manages to grab the attention of young fashion enthusiasts. 


Beauty with brains, Rawan Bin Hussain speaks miles with her knack for fashion. The lawyer-turned-fashion influencer has over 7.3 million followers on Instagram. From acting, singing, and being a digital entrepreneur, this Kuwaiti Palestinian has swayed many hearts with her charm and mesmerising fashion sense. Recently she gained massive attention after her TV series “Drifted By Water” was released on Netflix.


Former Miss Arab Knight Almanaroo, AKA Manar Bashor, is a heart-throbbing fashion influencer, evident from her 1.4 million strong Instagram following. Belonging to Damascus, Syria, this eminent blogger and peace ambassador has been in her native land for as long as her academic journey. She has influenced many people with her services in the social field as a volunteer. 

Nadya Hassan

The golden beauty Nadya Hassan has an open perspective when it comes to fashion. This digital creator speaks luxury with every picture she posts. From AIgner to Gucci, she has worked with some of the giants of the luxury fashion industry within a short time in her career. Nadya has over 300K followers on Instagram, and her reels grab the glances of over 200K people each time she posts them. 

Lalia Almeqbali

Have you heard of Laila Almeqbali? If not, you are missing out big time on Dubai Fashion! With more male followers, this Emirati beauty posts creative content related to skincare, personal life, and fashionable apparel. She has a widely loved boutique called the Laila Al Maqbali boutique and is also loved for her makeup regimes. 

Ayah Sharaf

The multitalented fashion designer from Dubai, wins the limelight for her extensive and unique Ayaan Sharaf Collection of clothes. You can find everything about fashion on her Instagram handle. She is an ideal example of the women of the modern world as she does everything within her bounds to make working women feel confident with their ensemble. Her social media following is over 730K, and she has an alluring engagement rate with her audience.  


If flamboyant is your style quotient then check out Ascia’s Instgram profile. Her 2.5 million followers love her for her free-spirited personality and lively perception. She loves travelling and sharing her outfits on the way and at her destinations. You can find her sharing her beauty regime and makeup reels quite often. 

Nohan Nabil

With multiple labels, Noha Nabil, the fashion, beauty, and travel influencer, has spotlights on her from a vast audience of 12.4 million. She started her blogging venture in 2009 and moved to anchoring a famous TV show. She has been in the Forbes list of Top 5 Influencers in the Middle East as a notable inspirational figure in Dubai. Noha Nabil Beauty, Eleven Eleven Fashion, and Retrouvalles are the popular brands launched by this stunning influencer. 

 Leena Ha

The name Leena Ha needs no introduction in the world of fashion and beauty. She co-founded Stacks, a famous clothing brand in Dubai that creates comfortable wear for both men and women. She is all about her casual streetwear, but with a twist. She pairs these comfortable outfits with luxurious accessories like handbags and footwear. 

Wrapping Up

In the glamorous world of Dubai, fashion influencers reign supreme. They are setting trends and inspiring countless fashion enthusiasts. These tastemakers have utilised their creativity, impeccable style, and influential platforms to shape the fashion scenario of Dubai. With their ability to captivate audiences and collaborate with renowned brands, these fashion influencers in Dubai continue to leave an indelible mark on the fashion world.

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