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Dubai Instagram Influencers to Follow in 2023

Dubai is a vast metropolis full of intriguing places to visit and things to do. Given these facts, it should come as no surprise that the emirate is home to several national and international content producers. We have produced a thorough list of Dubai's most popular social media influencers, all of whom provide noteworthy material. Here is our ranking of Dubai Instagram Influencers, which includes everyone from your fave cosmetic artists to travel Instagram Influencers.

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan, who was miserable in her financial profession, left to become a cosmetics artist and subsequently started a blog in 2010.

 In 2013, Kattan founded Huda Beauty with her two sisters since she was unable to get fake eyelashes.Today, Huda Beauty sells over 140 products, ranging from lip gloss to eyeshadow palettes, and makes around $200 million in yearly sales.

In a deal that valued the business at $1.2 billion, private equity firm TSG Consumer Partners bought a small minority share in the company in 2017.

Kattan is an Dubai Instagram Influencers who has reportedly never paid for advertising and currently has around 50 million Instagram followers.

Mohamed Beiraghdary

Mohamed Beiraghdary, who has an astounding 4 million Instagram followers, is a successful male in a field that is often dominated by women. Beiraghdary, who resides in Dubai with his parents and sister, began his career as a gamer. Mo Vlogs' YouTube channel later expanded to Instagram, where he gained additional followers. His followers get a glimpse into his ultra-rich existence in Dubai through his pictures, which often feature super automobiles and a luxurious lifestyle. He has started a firm called MV that sells items and is also into fashion design. His posts feature famous people he hangs out with and his circle of wealthy friends.

His posts discuss personal encounters, celebrity sightings, supercar drives, and friend social experiments.

Joelle Mardinian

Joelle Mardinian is the founder of the cosmetic conglomerate Joelle Group in addition to being a make-up artist, TV host, businesswoman, and brand influencer. In 2004, this Lebanese beauty relocated from London to Dubai, where she opened her specialised beauty salon in 2008. 14 locations rapidly spread around the MENA region as a result of the business's rapid growth. Opening the cosmetic clinic Clinica Joelle was the result of further company diversification, which helped her beauty business develop even further. She started her own skincare company, Joelle Paris, in addition to launching her clinics in five different sites throughout the area, and she has been effectively advancing ever since. Her social media updates mostly focus on her own adventures, trips, kids, and family.

Supercar Blondie

The YouTube channel and Instagram account supercar blondie are well-known among auto aficionados.

Alexandra Hirschi, often known as Supercar Blondie and Alex is the owner of the well-known YouTube channel Supercar Blondie. She is one of the top social media influencers in Dubai, with more than 11.5 million Instagram followers, 10.3 million YouTube subscribers, and more than 49 million Facebook fans.

Her channels feature supercars, which are eye-catching, high-performance sports automobiles that are street-legal.

Hayla Ghazal

Hayla Ghazal started her own YouTube channel when she was 18 years old, competing for the title of top social media influencer in Dubai. With over 9 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.3 million followers on Instagram, the Syrian influencer who resides in Dubai has come a long way. 

Videos by Hayla cover anything from beauty and fashion tips to food instructions. Her channel eventually included social topics in the Middle East. She was chosen by the UN as a Change Ambassador with the commitment to provide material that offers more equal possibilities for women. 

Rashed Belhasa

Another well-known Emirati social media influencer in Dubai with a sizable following on YouTube and Instagram is Rashed Belhasa, nicknamed Money Kicks. Young businessman, influencer, and amateur boxer Belhasa. His Instagram account, rsbelhasa, has 2.2 million followers, and he has more than 3.84 million subscribers to his YouTube channel Money Kicks.

He comes from a prominent family in Dubai, and most of his videos feature personal vlogs, lifestyle, and boxing.

Naomi D'souza Jacob

Another well-known social media influencer in Dubai is Naomi D'Souza Jacob, who has more than 109k followers on Instagram. She is a lifestyle influencer, and most of her posts deal with food, fitness, travel, and pets. Her trips and adventures in Dubai and other parts of the world are among the personal updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life that she regularly offers. Naomi D'Souza Jacob is a successful digital experience strategist consultant in addition to having a robust online presence.

Khalid al Ameri

Ameri, a well-known figure on Facebook and Instagram, epitomises Emirati talent and was raised in the UAE's interior. He first launched his own YouTube channel in 2011, and his superb storytelling ability quickly gained him a large following. His writings typically feature human interest tales about his life, his wife, kids, and other people. Ameri remade himself as an influencer with the rise of social media. His wife, who frequently features in his posts, is there to support him. Ameri promotes things on his Instagram account as well.

His articles discuss family gatherings, travel, endorsements selected in an exclusive way, and events and happenings in and around the United Arab Emirates.

Kris Fade

One of the most well-known content makers residing in Dubai is Kris Fade. On Instagram, he has more than 435k followers. The Kris Fade Show, which he presents on Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4, is where Fade is most recognized for his radio work. He also appears in the Dubai Bling series on Netflix.

Fade is a successful entrepreneur in addition to being a content producer and radio program host. He has his own line of branded items under the name FadeIt.

Kris Fade's admirers like him for his upbeat and lively demeanor. This can be seen in the combination of personal updates, behind-the-scenes peeks at his work, and promotional content for the numerous projects that makes up his social media presence.

Mariam Al-Yassi

With 744,000 followers, Mariam's Instagram account has a larger fan following than most, making the top 10 Instagram influencers in the UAE for 2021. She regularly posts articles on her blog on fashion, style, humour, celebrities, and other products and companies. Additionally, she manages her own brands under the handles @winkbymim and @bymimdesign.

Her gender split among followers is 42.6% women and 57.4% males, with an average engagement rate of about 0.60 percent. The typical number of likes and comments on a post is 4354 and 100, respectively.

Louise Nichol 

A former Harper's Bazaar Arabia editor-in-chief. In the UAE, Louise established a career as a presenter, host, and consultant. She now works freelance. She participated in BVLGARI's Middle East ad featuring accomplished women last year to boost its collaboration with Save the Children.

The top influencers in Dubai are now complete. Their capacity for influence and the potential of their marketing force in the UAE are beyond dispute. This sort of marketing is quite successful and is expected to develop over the next few years, making it a fantastic option for your company to grow in the UA.


One of the top UAE Instagram influencers in 2021, Isnooh creates engaging and moving material. Women make up 38.9% of her followers, while men make up 61.1%. Additionally, the average engagement rate for postings is roughly 0.70 percent, with 1455 average likes and 79 average comments per post. Isnooh enjoys posting on lifestyle-related topics.

Anas Marwah

Anas is a talented YouTuber with a sizable Instagram following. His account boasts 4.3 million followers and 425 posts as of this writing, with all the fantastic content postings on the feed. It's noteworthy to note that this account has a greater average interaction rate than other influential accounts.

Karen Wazen

Karen Wazen is a well-known fashion and lifestyle content creator who is admired for her dedication to modest dressing. She has a loyal Instagram following of over a million because of her lovely postings, and she routinely works with high-end companies to promote modest yet stylish clothing.

Taim AlFalasi

A well-known character in the online community, Taim AlFalasi wins her fans over with her endearing lifestyle and beautiful content. Taim's popularity is apparent with more than 2 million Instagram followers and over 3 million YouTube subscribers. Her resume lists partnerships with venerable companies like Sephora and Calvin Klein.

A fascinating variety of Dubai Instagram Influencers, each with an own voice and niche, call the lively metropolis of Dubai home. These individuals, who range from beauty gurus to luxury lifestyle vloggers, motivational speakers to fashion trend-setters, continue to influence dialogues and trends both in the UAE and throughout the world. The Top Instagram Influencers in Dubai are true representatives of this vibrant city's opulent, diversified, and unrelentingly ambitious attitude.