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Top 25 Arab Influencers To Follow in 2023 

Arab influencers has a big impact in the Middle East since the populace is young and tech-savvy. The number of social media influencers in the area has increased, opening doors for businesses to enter new markets. These influencers are vital in influencing trends and consumer behaviour because of their influence and reach. You will learn about some of the most well-known and prosperous social media influencers in the area who have an effect on their audience in this blog. 

25 Huda Kattan

The most well-known Arab influencers in the Middle East, Huda Kattan, rose to stardom thanks to her YouTube cosmetic tutorials. She started Huda Beauty, a well-known cosmetics company based in Dubai.

24 Abdullaziz Baz

Influencer Abdullaziz Baz, also known as Bin Baz, was born in Dubai and has 5.2 million Instagram followers. Top manufacturers of technology, automobiles, and fragrances have sponsored him due to his endearing personality and funny antics. 

23 Joelle Mardinian

 Joelle Mardinian evolved from a cosmetics artist to a prosperous entrepreneur and built a beauty empire throughout the Middle East. Due to her role in a new reality show, get ready to hear her name everywhere. 

22 Rosy Daou

A well-known Arab Instagram model, Rosy Daou captivates her fans with her stylish postings and knowledge of beauty. Her versatile talent is evident as she deftly blends inspiration and flair in the digital sphere.

21 Kim & Den

Meet Kim and Den, the dynamic team from Dubai who blog about food. Their loyal 90.6K audience is enthralled by their shared travel misadventures, delicious culinary delights, and shared adventures. 

20 Nadya Hasan

Nadya Hasan establishes trends and exemplifies flawless taste by working with upscale companies like Gucci. She combines fashionable excursions with stunning locales, displaying her love of travel. 

19 Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum 

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Dubai’s Crown Prince, captivates 15.8 million Instagram followers with his lavish lifestyle, travel adventures, and thrilling pursuits. As a published poet, he inspires others to embrace an active and adventurous life.

18 Taim AlFalasi

Taim AlFalasi became a renowned Arab influencers with 4.5M Instagram followers and massive YouTube subscribers. Now she captivates audiences with posts promoting gourmet cuisine, travel, and fashion.

17 Jassem 

With a passion for travel and an interest in capturing the beauty of each destination, Jassem creates stunning photographs of picturesque places. He possesses a great sense of style that makes him a promising choice for modelling.

16 Mo Vlogs

Mohamed Beiraghdary, widely recognised as MoVlogs, is renowned for his captivating car-related videos and for offering a glance into the opulent lifestyle of the United Arab Emirates. 

15 Mariam Yeya

Because of her success as a stylist, Mariam decided to start a clothing line and online store under her own name. She provides her passionate audience with fashion inspiration with her distinctive and individual sense of style.

14 Fouz al Fahad

The Kuwaiti beauty influencer Fouz al Fahad has dominated social media. She overcame obstacles to successfully unite women all around the world, generating admiration and support in the cutthroat world of social media.


Although she is a micro-influencer, her culinary imagination knows no limitations. Mimi entices her audience with dishes from other cuisines, such as Chinese delights or Italian pizzas, in contrast to traditional Arab food bloggers. 

12 Dalal AlDoub

Dalal, a well-known influencer from Kuwait, has had a significant impact there. Dalal engages her audience with her knowledge by posting informative reviews of cosmetic items, personal stories, and helpful makeup advice on her Youtube channel. 

11 Mahmoud

Male fashion influencer Mahmoud is a fashionable representative of Dubai. His account displays not just his immaculate sense of style but also his indulgence in an extravagant lifestyle, which includes driving pricey cars and staying in sumptuous hotels. 

10 Noha Nabil

Nabil, a Kuwaiti TV host turned fashion influencer showcases the beauty, promotes children's toys, and collaborates with fashion and cosmetic companies.

Na’el Abu Alteen

Na’el, the Emirates' travel influencer, captivates 1.5M followers. As a top Arab influencer, he shares stunning travel photos and promotes luxury hotels and his inspiring lifestyle. From successful engineer to globetrotter, Na’el's journey resonates with many.

Ahmad Al-Balooshi

Ahmad Al-Balooshi is a renowned Arab influencer known for his advertising videos. With a whopping 198k followers, he has made his mark in this field. His content is quite engaging as he posts his videos featuring products from Farfetch, Samsung and more. 

Hayla Al Ghazal

With an astounding 9.7 million subscribers and over a billion views, Hayla Al Ghazal has become a prominent influencer. Her channel not only entertains but also sheds light on key social issues in the Middle East. 

Joelle Mardinian

Joelle, the Lebanese TV host and makeup artist, captivates a massive following of 21.4M on Instagram. With her own salon and a brand offering skin and hair products, she is a multi-talented entrepreneur. 

Nora Bo Awadh

With a massive following of 3.6M on Instagram, Nora Bo Awadh enthrals her audience with her beauty expertise. Nora's passion for cosmetics made her establish her own brand, which she passionately promotes on her account. 

Aljuhara Sajer

Aljuhara Sajer, the Saudi influencer who was among the Most Influential Arab Women in the World list in 2017. She loves to post lifestyle videos and features skin, haircare and jewellery advertising. Her Instagram account beautifully showcases her strong screen presence and fashion-forward choices. 

Sherif Fayed

Sherif, the Emirati TV presenter, blends his love for luxury and adventure in his captivating travel escapades. With 1.3M followers, his audience eagerly awaits the beautiful photos he captures during his trips.

Lana Rose

Lana Rose has gained fame for showcasing a lavish lifestyle adorned with luxury fashion and cars, showing makeup tutorials, and partnering with prestigious cosmetics brands for sponsorships. 


As a model, fashion designer, and influential Arab Instagram influencer, Ascia captivates audiences with her impeccable sense of style and signature cute curly hairstyle. 


These Arab influencers can connect with audiences and foster significant engagement. Join forces with them to seize fresh chances, reach a larger audience, and contribute to the long-term development of your company.